How To Use Fresh Food From Your Kitchen For Glowing Skin

Updated: Mar 23

It's 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. You let the sun warm your face and listen to the sweet sound of silence. No demands, no urgent texts, no deadlines... You go back inside, step into the kitchen and within ten minuets have found everything you need to create a face mask for fresh, glowing skin and give yourself a great start to the week.

Can it really be that easy? Yes absolutely!

You simply don't need to be spending hundreds of dollars to give your skin all the love and attention it deserves. This is because the fresh food and other raw ingredients you can find in your kitchen are there on hand, ready to give your skin an instant vitamin and nutrient rich boost. The magic here lies within the word 'fresh'. 'Fresh' ingredients have a higher level of active constituents making them more effective when applied to the skin compared to those that are preserved as extracts found within normal cosmetics. They also have higher levels of Vitamin C, making them excellent for promoting collagen production.

Let's dive in and uncover which ingredients are the best for your skin type and how to make your own fresh food face mask below.

Papaya & Cacao Revitalising Mask Recipe:

Makes one mask for the face & neck - Try not to eat it!

What you need:

+ 35 grams of Papaya (or Avocado - make the swap if you have sensitive skin)

+ 5 grams of Cacao powder (opt for raw cacao powder of the higher price range)