How to harness the healing powers of Rose

A simple guide to creating your own

Mini Rose Ritual

Why rose?

A symbol of divinity, love, beauty and perfection, it's no surprise that ancient civilisations cherished and revered rose throughout history.

The heavenly, sweet and delightfully floral aroma of Rose possesses a gentle femininity and ability to uplift the spirits and calm the mind.

Actions commonly sited include:

Anxiolytic, aphrodisiac, astringent, anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-depressant, emmenagogue.

Creating your Mini Rose Ritual

  1. Lift your spirits with a cup of organic rose tea


- Powerful vitamins and anti-oxidants.

- Helps to balance the female reproductive system.

- Calms the nervous system.

Ritual suggestions:

- Choose the right time! Rose has a calming quality, consider using it before bed to assist with falling asleep.

- Decide on your intention and allow yourself a moment of mindfulness.

- You can try this ritual with our Harmony Tea

2. Calm an overactive mind

with a temple massage


- Calms the nervous system.

- Helps to release anxiety and frustration.

- Opens the heart.

- Inspires optimism, compassion & creativity.

Ritual Suggestions:

- Start by diluting your pure rose oil in a carrier oil using a 1% dilution ie. 2 drops of rose per 10mls of carrier (nothing wrong with good old fashioned coconut oil!)

- Apply to your palms & breathe deeply.

- Gently begin to massage into temples.

- List three things you are grateful for.

- You can try this ritual with our

Goddess Pulse Point

3. Hit the bath tub!


- Bathing helps to calm the mind, relieve muscle tension, pain & inflammation.

- Sensual & uplifting, the powerful aroma of rose ignites passion, promotes creativity and self-expression.

- Rose hydrates and rejuvenates skin.

Ritual Suggestion:

- After your bath is completely full, add a few drops of pure rose essential oil along with a handful of rose petals.

- Bring along with you your cup of rose tea.

- For after bath bliss, lather up in a body serum and keep some of that

self-care magic with you!

- You can try this ritual with our Goddess Pure Aromatherapy Bath Bomb (pictured right).

Enjoy a moment of self-care bliss.

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