Aromatherapy for Winter Wellness with Aromatherapist Katie Greenway

Meet Katie Greenway. Aromatherapist, yoga enthusiast and dancing queen. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Katie and have always been in awe of her wealth of aromatherapy knowledge and her ability to follow her nose intuitively. Grab a cup of tea, have your essential oils ready and read on for a deep dive into the power of using essential oils to enhance your wellbeing over winter.

Hello gorgeous Katie! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today. In a few words, can you tell me what sparked your interest in aromatherapy?

Well it was actually in the late 90’s when for a little while, aromatherapy was really popular and there was a company called In Essence which sparked my interest. I really felt like when I used the essential oils, they had a really profound impact on me which later led to me studying a diploma in aromatherapy.