A Call to Connection: An interview with Women's Circle Facilitator Sophia Leone

Meet Sophia Leone. Women’s circle facilitator, ecstatic dancer, cacao lover and founder of Earth is a She. I met Sophia through attending one of her women’s circles in Melbourne and after having my mind blown the first time, have been a regular face at her circles ever since. Grab a cup of herbal tea (or perhaps some cacao!), catch some winter sunshine and read on to learn more about Sophia’s journey to becoming a facilitator and how women’s circles can be a powerful tool to help us stay connected in this new, COVID world.

Hi gorgeous Sophia, thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me. In a few potent words can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Earth is a she?

I’m 33 in September, I’m originally from Sydney and have been living in Melbourne for the last four years. I studied psychology at university and I wanted to see if I wanted to become a psychologist by starting to work in mental health but I got extremely burnt out so I decided it wasn’t for me. And a few things happened around the end of a relationship, I went travelling. I had always known I wanted to do facilitating of events but when I came back, I moved to Melbourne and I started my business, Earth is a She. I’ve been running that for about three years now… which has been awesome!

What are some of your favourite self-care practices at the moment?

This is a time (during lockdown) that requires a lot of self-care. I’m not normally one to watch Netflix but in this lockdown I have been watching Vikings (laughs) and I’ve been busy weaving out of wool I bought at the op shop and plastic bags. I’m always reading that’s part of my self-care practice too, along with exercise and meditation.